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Stream Your Moments with Videos, Photos, and Music.
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Import Photos from Facebook, Instagram, flicker and more to start your Selomix / Mixtape Moment. Add up to 100 MB of Video.
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Instantly add up to 15 minutes of Soundcloud music through our awesome music connecting engine.
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Title and describe what you created, tell a story, promote your album, artwork, ebook etc. #hashtag, add a website link, or tag a another Selocial friend.
Publish your creation, share with friends, and create as many of these Selomix posts as you like. Listen to them like the radio with continuous play!
Your Every Moment has a Story
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  • Workout mix
  • Study mix
  • Personal Radio
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Music Selfies
  • Album Promotions
  • Event Promotions
  • Music Discovery
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